Thursday, April 16, 2015

Learning Subjectives: Week 1 #Rhizo15

I'm a huge advocate of centrifugal learning models and Connected Learning, and Dave's video prompt brought up an important question with regards to this model. How do we design learning experiences when we don’t know where we’re going? 
It seems to run counter to all our experiences with formal education, which are based on homogeneous pathways and set temporal spaces. How to we help learners go somewhere if we don't know where they are going?
I really like some of the posts on this subject so far:

I think Helen gets to the heat of the matter with her declaration, "I will not be neutral in Rhizo15." Centrifugal and Connected Learning requires that I have movement, direction, and momentum. I have to be willing to move outward from the center of the learning network, and to help others do the same. With that in mind, my learning subjectives are:

  • I will have a personal point of view that sets a specific direction or outward-bound trajectory within my learning network;
  • I will connect with others and, through those connections, gain both momentum and clearer direction for my journey;
  • I will keep my options open at all times, and be willing to travel in new directions as my learning network evolves.


  1. Outward bound trajectory! Gain momentum and travel in new directions! You are setting an interesting course for your rhizomatic learning. An image of a 'tilt-a-whirl' comes to mind so hang on, this could be a fast spin! :) Helen

  2. Thanks for articulating these. So far, I'm more intrigued by the open options in #rhizo15 than any specific direction. This is definitely opening up more outward connections in my personal learning network.

    1. At first, I think the only meaningful direction is simply what you describe -- "outward."

  3. I like the idea of movement. I've never thought of it that way, but there is something inexorable about the movement of the rhizome that is very much a part of its nature.