Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Power of Connections: Make a Connection

The first Artifact Challenge in our Power of Connections learning experience is to introduce yourself through a picture of your desktop, bookshelf or some other selfie that captures your identity.

I started out by taking a "staged" picture of my bookshelf (the shoes were an addition).

Unfortunately, my bookshelf mostly consists of the sad remnants of a former life in which I actually collected print books. What remains are a few literary and Latin American novels (top shelf), religious books and more literary stuff (second shelf), math, science, and notebooks (third shelf), and then more notebooks, running shoes, and, last but not least, my FAVORITE TRILOGY OF ALL TIME, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever (bottom shelf).

While all this says plenty about me, I suppose, It's not the clear, iconic lens I was hoping for.

Then it occurred to me. I do have an object that sums me up in a whole different way. My favorite belt buckle.

In its own way, it is a great snapshot of an either-handed, bilingual kid who has deep roots in the Southwest, loves Westerns (movies and books), but who is also at home in a big city.

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